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Web Hosting Affiliate Scheme

What is the affiliate scheme?

Our affiliate scheme is a way in which you can earn commission by referring new customers to us. When a customer is referred by you and they make a purchase you will earn a commission on the transaction.

How do I become an affilliate?

Simply register a free account by clicking here and login and then follow the steps detailed below.

How it works

  1. Generate the banner code from your account.
  2. Place the banner code somewhere in your website.
  3. User clicks on the banner.
  4. User registers an account with us and makes a purchase.
  5. You get paid 10% or £5 per transaction.


What can I earn commission from?

You can earn upto a maximum £5 or 10% (whichever is lowest) per net transaction from any of our services, excluding domain names.

Why do you not pay commission on domain names?

To stay competitive our margin on domain names is so low we can't afford to offer a commission on them. However all web hosting and virtual server packages include a free domain name so no commission would be generated from them anyway.

How do we track when a user clicks on your banner?

The banner code you put on your website contains an affiliate identification number. When a user clicks on your banner they are sent to a tracking page within our website. This tracking page logs some basic information about the user and stores a cookie in their browser. We use this cookie to distinguish a customer who has clicked through from your banner.

How long does the tracking cookie last?

The tracking cookie is set to expire after one year. Therefore, if a user clicks on the banner but doesnt make a purchase straight away you can still gain your commission if they make a purchase within a year of them clicking the banner. The only time this will not work is if the user clears their browser cookies or makes a purchase from a different computer or browser than the one that has the cookie.

How do I get paid?

You can be paid through Paypal or BACS payment. Simply make a payment request from the affiliate page in your account.

When do I get paid?

You get paid after submitting payment request from the affiliate page in your account. The minimum request amount is £10. You can only request a commision on your sales 30 days after the sale is made. The reason you cannot claim your commission instantly is to protect us from the abuse of our 30 day money back guarantee.