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Google unveils smart contact lens

Posted On: 17th January 2014 under Technology

Google has said it is testing a "smart contact lens" that can help measure glucose levels in tears.

It uses a "tiny" wireless chip and a "miniaturised" glucose sensor embedded between two layers of lens material.


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How to toggle a field in MySQL

Posted On: 6th December 2013 under developer

This example SQL statement will show you how to toggle the value of a column in a mysql table.

This is ideal for a column which stores an integer (0 or 1).

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Apple unveils new Mac Pro

Posted On: 2nd December 2013 under tech

On 22nd October Apple unveiled (for the 2nd time) its a new line of Mac Pro's. We're very excited about the new machines and will certainly be first in line to be buying one!

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Mount KVM Raw file on local system

Posted On: 16th November 2012 under linux

This tutorial will show you how to mount a qemu/kvm disk image on the local file system.

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Nominet announces multi year registration for UK domains

Posted On: 26th March 2012 under domains

Nominet has announced that from the 1st May 2012, it will be possible to register .uk domain names with registration periods other than the current value of two years. Domains can be registered and renewed for a period of 1 to 9 years. 

Once this comes into place we will modify our systems enabling users to reap the benefits of this new feature from Nominet.

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Web Hosting Website Builder

Posted On: 17th February 2012 under theserve

For all those customers looking to get a website up and running quickly and cheaply we have added a new website builder system to all of our hosting packages.

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How to get your business or interest on the web

Posted On: 16th February 2012 under websites

How to get your business or interest on the web

This article is a guide on how to go about getting your business or interest on the web.

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How to configure CentOS 5 to allow Plesk Sitebuilder to publish

Posted On: 15th February 2012 under linux

After choosing to adopt Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder for our customers we were required to modify our servers slightly in order for the publishing part of sitebuilder to work.

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MySQL Master Master Replication

Posted On: 8th February 2012 under linux

MySQL master master replication is a great way to replicate your database on 2 different load balanced or active/standby servers. This is a great solution for high availability databases.

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How to choose a web hosting provider

Posted On: 17th January 2012 under hosting

So you want to put your business on the web and you discover a minefield of different hosting companies all offering similar products with pseudonyms gallore and prices staring from nothing up to extorsion. What does it all mean and what should you be watching out for?

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