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Why you should avoid reseller hosting

Posted On: 11th January 2012 under hosting

Web hosting is a fiercly competitive industry with hosting providers varying in size from individuals to global corporations. Choosing the right host can be a bit of a minefield. One piece of advice we can give is try to avoid buying your hosting from a reseller.

So you've seen a hosting company offering hosting for £1 a month or in some case £1 a year. This is incredibly cheap and seems to good an opportunity to miss right? Usually when things are too good to be true there is a catch. In this case the catch is usually that to offer hosting at this price the hosting company is a reseller for a bigger hosting company.

When everything is operating as it should this can be great as you have managed to cut your operating costs. But what about when it goes wrong?

As a reseller you only have limited access to the systems that are hosting your customers websites. In the event that something does go wrong a reseller is reliant upon their hosting provider to get information about what the issue is. Buy the time you get an answer from your reseller the information is 2nd hand and you can't be sure its reliable.

The advantage of being a customer of a dedicated hosting provider is that you will be able to get answers a lot quicker than if you are going through a middle man.

Another reason to avoid resellers is the fact that anybody can setup a reseller account and act as a hosting company to make a profit. This means people without the skills and expertise can effecitviely be completley in control of your business and if you are heavily reliant upon your web presence this can spell disaster!

Finally, what if the company you buy your hosting from is a reseller for a company that is going bankrupt or closing down? There is no way for you to know this and where would you stand if your reseller didm't act properly in this case?

There are 2 ways to spot a reseller:

  1. Incredibly low pricing
  2. Poorly designed looking website

When choosing a web hosting company don't go straight for the cheapest one you can find. In the long run this can be false economy.